My New G1W Dashcam

So following an incident where I was rammed by an angry driver on the M4 (yep, you read it correctly), I decided to invest in a dashcam.

In fairness to the lunatic, I don’t think he meant to hit me, I believe he was just trying to scare me.  Unfortunately for both of us, his car brushed up against mine, they both got scratched, and the police weren’t interested in looking into it because nobody was injured and I had no witnesses.

Had I had a dashcam at the time, I think it is possible he could have ended up in jail.

Anyway, I did some research and decided to get a camera referred to as a G1W.  I bought it from Ebay, from a seller with the name estore009.  The camera arrived in about a week (from China) and was pretty easy to install and set-up.

The cost of the camera when I bought it recently coverted to about £30 sterling.  Delivery was free.

To see a sample video I took when driving home from ASDA, click here.

Also, here are some stills I ‘print screen’ed’ from a video. click here

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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