From Beginner to BJJ Purple Belt. My Journey So Far.

At the time of writing, (and for a few years to come) I am a BJJ Purple Belt under Chris Rees of Gracie Barra Swansea.

Chris Rees as an absolute diamond of a guy, a great coach and a Black Belt under multiple world champion, Braulio Estima.  I also train a lot under Ashley Williams, an exceptionally talented brown belt and one of Chris Rees’s assistant instructors.

Earlier this year, shortly before being promoted to purple belt, I was fortunate enough to win the title of British Champion at blue belt.  Whilst I was/am chuffed about this, it’s not quite as grand as it sounds since the combination of my weight, age and belt made for a small category.

Nevertheless, it’s a legitimate title and I am not afraid to use it. :-)


Starting Out in BJJ

I started training in December of 2008.  Initially I contacted both Pedro Bessa and Chris Rees by email to enquire about their clubs.   I turned up the next Monday at Chris’ club at Cardiff Central Youth Club and with some Judo and traditional Jiu Jitsu skills behind me, felt confident I was going to kick butt. (Almost everyone there was a white belt, Chris was a purple belt at the time).  It was not to be.

Before I knew it, I was being bent, twisted and choked all over the manner.  From that moment, I knew I had to learn this stuff.

The first time I rolled with a blue belt, I got owned so bad it was truly inspiring.  I went home and told the wife all about it.  I imagined one day I might also be a blue belt. Wow, at the time it seemed such a long way off.


My Blue Belt

After approximately 2 years of training, I went down to Camberley to work.  I went in search of a BJJ club to train at and was warmly welcomed into Carlson Gracie Camberley based out of the famous Camberley Judo Club.

6 months later, I was awarded my Blue Belt by Carlson Gracie Head Instructor Wilson ‘Junior’ Cretaro.  This was June 3rd 2011.  I really enjoyed my time at Carlson Gracie training both at Camberley and Hammersmith.  I made some great friends.


Getting my Purple Belt

Around 18 months later, after winning my category at the British Open 2013 I was awarded my purple belt by Chris Rees.


BJJ Injuries

I am a sensible guy, safety is always my primary concern.  However, injuries are inevitable from time to time.  Throughout the journey, I have suffered various injuries to ribs, hamstrings, aductors, teeth, toes, fingers and so on.  I am always careful to tap early, safety first.

I also pride myself on not causing injuries to my training partners.  Their safety is more important than me getting a submission so every submission attempt is executed with care and my partners safety in mind.


A Life Changing Pursuit

Jiu Jitsu has changed my life.  As a result of Jiu Jitsu, I lost more than 10Kg without trying, becoming more healthier, fitter, stronger.  Thanks to jiu jiu jitsu, I am more careful about what I eat, I drink less alchohol than I otherwise would, and have made some great friends.

Finding Chris’s club in 2008 has had a significant positive affect on the way I live my life and the enjoyment I get from it.


If you have ever considered taking up BJJ, I would highly recommend giving it a try.  If you are local to Cardiff, give me a shout.  If you live further afield and find your nearest club, check out my BJJ Club Directory.


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